The Pedresina founded in 19xx with a gas station and a small shop ……. settled in the village of Fuentes de Onoro . It consists of a competitive team of over 40 people specializing in client and the services sector. Have decades of experience and speak several languages ​​in order to provide the best service .

We specialize in customers , both professionals and tourists. For this we offer services like gas station, trade, washing area , restaurant … etc .

Work committed to our environment, creating a stable with a team of more than xx people , participate in and support the activities that occur in our area working environment.


Somo experts in the treatment and customer service step. We know what you are working for them and offer services with the highest quality.


We are part of the journey of our customers. We are a fundamental part in the tourism and / or professional experience and work to meet your needs .


We work with tenacity, honesty and efficiency to achieve the best results.